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A Committed and Green Approach to Real Estate Law

With the advent of the green construction movement, real estate law is becoming more complex. You need knowledge and experience at your side, not to mention a certified “green” attorney. At Loftin | Bedell, P.C. – with our office located in San Diego County – we provide a higher level of representation for our residential and commercial real estate clients. We help family land owners and large real estate developers alike with a wide range of real estate, land use and planning issues.

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At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., our practice of real estate law encompasses a wide variety of legal issues including:

Commercial and Residential Leasing

Our commercial real estate attorneys represent tenants looking to lease space for business purposes. Leases can be wordy, complex and filled with legalese that requires our attention to detail. Commercial clients come to us for help in extending, modifying or terminating a lease. Landlords looking to attract new tenants or renew leases with current ones benefit from our experience. We are comfortable both reviewing and drafting leases and all ancillary documents to fit your needs.

Acquisitions, Dispositions and Exchanges

At our firm, we represent clients in preparing, reviewing and negotiating purchase agreements for all types of residential and commercial real estate ranging from undeveloped land tracts to investment properties and portfolios such as office complexes and shopping centers. We handle all aspects of the transaction including performing the due diligence necessary to work toward a successful transaction. That involves title reviews, land entitlement analysis, environmental analysis, surveys, property condition reports and variance agreements.

Construction and Development

The complexity of the laws related to construction and development projects should not be handled with a “do-it-yourself” attitude. Underlying analysis of zoning, classification, best use of land, construction programs and construction contracts should be handled by a seasoned residential and commercial real estate attorney. You need advocacy when working with architects and engineers on raw land and development from the ground up.

We also help developers with commercial and residential developments, including obtaining permits, compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations, for California. In California, among other statutes and regulations the Subdivision Map Act, Subdivided Lands Acts, CEQA, Coastal Act and other environmental regulations. We represent our clients before the Department of Real Estate and in connection with formation of common interest subdivisions and formation/regulation of homeowners’ associations, all of which require specialized knowledge and familiarity with the applicable regulations and governmental agencies. We have in-depth knowledge of California DRE regulations and helping developers seek DRE approval for such housing projects as common interest development projects, limited occupancy condo hotel projects and other subdivisions.

When You Want to “Go Green”

Sustainable development, also known as green building development, is a growing market in this time of increased environmental awareness. Legislation related to compliance is on the rise. When you want to “go green” or simply ensure that your development satisfies the growing “green” regulations, we have the experience and knowledge to help. We also assist in the U.S. Green Building Counsel’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process to help your goals come to fruition. In fact, our firm has an attorney who is a LEED Accredited Professional, something that few other firms in California can boast. We help clients navigate city, county, state and federal environmental regulations including those governing sustainable development.

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