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Assisting Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate Transactions

No matter what side of a real estate transaction you are on, you need to make sure you get through the process without any unexpected hurdles delaying the acquisition or disposition of the property. Obtaining experienced legal representation on your side to handle all of the complex paperwork plus deal with unexpected issues is essential.

At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., we represent all parties involved in all types of commercial and residential real estate transactions: buyers, sellers, lenders, first-time home buyers, developers, business owners and more. Located in Carlsbad, California, we serve clients throughout San Diego County and North County.

Call our office at 866-933-2340 or 760-814-9649 today to schedule a consultation with an experienced real estate attorney.

Our Work Goes Beyond Simple Due Diligence

At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., our lawyers offer a practical and hands-on approach to real estate transactions that focuses on the client’s best interest. In addition to coordinating due diligence investigations related to the acquisition or disposition, the lawyers at Loftin | Bedell, P.C.:

  • Prepare and review purchase agreements
  • Examine and resolve any potential title issues
  • Resolve any real estate disputes related to issues like title defects, breach of contract or zoning disputes
  • Obtain zoning and other entitlements from applicable governmental agencies
  • Negotiate and advise you on traditional finance structures
  • Represent you in administrative hearings related to land use and zoning

By utilizing a practical, business-oriented approach, the attorneys at Loftin | Bedell, P.C., structure the transaction based on the client’s risk tolerance. Although our real estate attorneys are committed to closing the transaction, our litigation attorneys are prepared to advocate for the client’s interests should a dispute arise.

Contact Loftin | Bedell, P.C., To Schedule A Consultation

Whether you are selling or buying a piece of commercial or residential real estate, retaining experienced legal representation earlier in the process will reduce the likelihood of future problems arising. To discuss your concerns with an attorney at our Carlsbad-based firm, contact us online or call 866-933-2340 or 760-814-9649 to schedule a consultation.