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Carlsbad Business and Real Estate Lawyers

Committed to Strategic Resolutions of Legal Problems

At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., in Carlsbad, California, our Carlsbad lawyers focus on the following areas of our legal practice:

Corporate Business Law: Starting a business is a dream come true. Maintaining and growing a business requires dedication and guidance. Our north San Diego County business law attorneys can help with all your corporate business needs, from the selection of your entity and corporate business formation to ongoing representation and compliance management to any business-related disputes. We help with issues like financing, contracts, leases and employer-employee issues.

Nonprofit Business Law: Our attorneys offer experienced legal guidance in all aspects of nonprofit business law, from filing the 501(c)(3) application with the Internal Revenue Service and formation of the nonprofit entity to providing experienced counsel in all ongoing business concerns such as contract review and formation, corporate governance, resolution of business disputes and other nonprofit business matters.

Real Estate Law: Comprehensive commercial and residential real estate services form the backbone of our firm. We handle traditional purchases/acquisitions; sales/dispositions and leasing matters for commercial and residential properties. We also staff a certified Green attorney, who can help you with a variety of legal matters, including “going green.” Years of experience in the ups and downs of financing provide extensive knowledge to navigate the changing lending environment. We assist borrowers to locate and secure the financing they need to pursue their real property dream whether that dream is a traditional commercial or residential development or upgrades to an existing development, including specialty developments such as mobile home parks, senior housing including care facilities and low income housing.

In addition, we work with lenders on workouts, restructurings or foreclosure-related issues on commercial properties. If legal entitlements are affecting the use or development of your property, contact us immediately. Our Carlsbad land use and zoning attorneys can help you navigate through the complicated process and represent you before federal, state, city and county agencies and commissions.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law: In the preparation or negotiation of commercial leases, we work to identify potential problems and solutions that protect our client’s needs and preserves their interests. We represent commercial landlords and tenants as well as mobile home park landlords in commercial lease drafting, negotiation or dispute resolution processes.

Homeowners Associations: At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., we represent startup and existing homeowners associations (HOA). From document preparation to contract negotiation and enforcement, we handle all their legal needs.

Mobile Home Parks / Manufactured Home Communities: Mobile home parks, manufactured housing communities and some recreational vehicle parks provide are an important part of the housing market. The law related to this housing type is very different from other residential housing types. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of mobile home and manufactured housing law, including the relationship between the park/community owner and the homeowner, Title 25 and other governmental compliance issues, rehabilitation of infrastructure and acquisition and disposition/sale of the mobile home parks and the manufactured homes located in the communities, including converting parks from rental communities to resident-owned communities/parks.

Civil Litigation & Appeals: Civil litigation can be a stressful experience and complex process, with unexpected turns and twists. To protect your interests, experienced civil litigators are required. At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., we protect your rights through the entire civil litigation process. If at the end of the initial litigation process, whether that has been a civil complaint arising between yourself or your company and others or a civil writ arising because of some objectionable governmental action, we are ready to take you to the next step, filing and prosecuting an appeal to protect your rights.

Estate Planning: We draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and catered estate planning services.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a land use and zoning, business law, or another legal matter, please contact us today.