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Carlsbad Civil Litigation Lawyers

When Legal Disputes Result in Contentious Civil Litigation

Many times, a legal dispute just cannot be settled. In those situations, mediation and arbitration efforts can be fruitless in finding a middle ground; civil litigation may be inevitable. At Loftin | Bedell, P.C., we do not shy away from court and aggressively represent our San Diego County clients involved in contentious legal matters.

Negotiations are only as effective as the other side’s willingness to find a resolution short of the courtroom. Civil litigation may be your only recourse. Contact our Carlsbad, California, office at 866-933-2340 or 760-814-9649.

Civil Litigation May Be Your Best Option

Sometimes, business transactions go bad. Contracts are violated. Jobs are lost over discriminatory issues. Partnerships dissolve into bitter disputes. Homeowners associations (HOA) overstep their authority or members violate the HOA rules. Zoning boards make bad decisions. Neighbors may not agree on a lot line. Resolving these difficult issues on your own simply may not work.

You Need Experienced Advocacy When Facing Civil Litigation

Whatever level of dispute brings you to Loftin | Bedell, P.C., we can help you. We are experienced in courtroom litigation as well as mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Civil litigation is a complex process, akin to navigating rough waters. Careful strategy and creative ideas can help you move forward to protect your investments. Successful navigation of the legal process entails a proactive approach and knowledge of the obstacles and twists that lie ahead. We offer full-service litigation services in the areas of real estate, business, homeowners’ associations, family law and more.

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