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My Incorporation Documents Were Prepared by an Online Service; Is My Business Protected?

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Business Law |

As a recent Forbes article titled “Legal Mistakes That Haunt After Death: Three Cases” pointedly highlighted, and as this blog acknowledged last month, legal documents are not something that should be left to an online document preparation service. Effectively, an online preparation service takes your basic information (ie. name, address, phone number, etc.) and inputs the data into a blank, one-size-fits-all form. Online document preparation services simply input raw data and do not analyze and personalize your legal documents like the experienced attorneys at The Loftin Firm.

As Forbes correctly noted, situations may arise in business law, real estate law, and estate planning where the cheaper, document preparation service may seem appealing. Regardless of your up-front savings, flawed legal documents can cost you and your family much more time, effort, and money in the long run. Whether it is a buy-sell agreement for your closely-held corporation, a commercial real estate lease, a revocable living trust, or the incorporation documents for your start-up, vital legal documents should be drafted, reviewed, and finalized by a skilled, practicing attorney. As the Forbes contributor stated, “Legal mistakes can haunt you for a lifetime. But as these cases show, they can even continue after death. If you have a legal issue, see your attorney..

Call The Loftin Firm P.C. at for an experienced, knowledgeable Carlsbad attorney to review your documents that were prepared by an online document preparation service today.