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What rules does an HOA set? 

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | HOA |

There are often benefits to an HOA, such as shared services between homeowners or mutual amenities that they can use – like a park or a tennis court. An HOA also tells homeowners what they can expect when they’re living there, which many of them are looking for.

However, to create this environment, an HOA will enforce various rules about how people have to live in their homes. This goes far beyond what a normal homeowner may have to deal with, and these HOA regulations will be set by the board. What types of rules do they tend to pass?

The aesthetics of the community

First of all, the HOA will often try to preserve the aesthetic that is present in the community by making rules about things like architectural designs that can be used, colors you can select if you want to paint your home or how you have to take care of your lawn. They may also have home maintenance standards so that your house cannot fall into disrepair.

The style of living

The HOA may also consider things like having a noise complaint policy or limits on who can occupy the home. For example, families may be allowed in the homes, but they cannot be rented out. Essentially, the residents are agreeing to act in a certain way that most of them are in favor of, even if there are no laws about it.

The use of space

Finally, an HOA may simply determine how the space can be used, such as setting up parking rules and other such guidelines. People may be told that they can only have cars in their garage and not parked on the street, for instance, or that they cannot leave abandoned vehicles in view of other homes.

Naturally, some of these HOA regulations will occasionally lead to disputes. Both sides need to make sure that they know about their legal options.