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Are California’s privacy laws going to create havoc for employers?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Business Law |

California is on the bleeding edge of technology and innovation, but the state is also aggressive about legislating that technology. The landmark privacy law of California allows consumers a great deal of control over their data. Many worry that soon, employees may have those same controls.

The use of employee data

It’s not a secret that tech companies make great use of their customers’ data. The profitability of data mining is well-understood and is a key money maker for Silicon Valley. Less well-known is that the same use applies to a workforce’s data.

Since employers often have much more information about their employees than their customers, that data can be more valuable. However, an expansion to California’s law will soon allow employees to view, delete and request that their data not be collected. When this happens, the extensiveness of the data that some companies keep on their employees may make for uncomfortable conversations. At the same time, a significant revenue stream may close.

How will employees react?

There is no way to know how employees will react to the data revelations. Some may have little to say about it. Some may respond highly negatively. The reality is that an enormous amount of data will cease to be available.

The loss of data from employees will affect your bottom line. You will not have the ability to use or explore that information anymore.

Putting policy in place

You may want to head off any tensions by exploring legal data policies now rather than after the changes come into effect next year. A proactive approach that your employees can respect may make the ultimate change less difficult for you.