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Designing net-zero carbon buildings

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Commercial Real Estate |

We’ve written many times on this blog about California’s dedication to building a more environmentally friendly future. In effect, California wants to lead the country and the world in building towards an eco-friendlier, carbon-neutral world.

To get to that point, more and more builders must pursue net-zero carbon buildings. California is committed to going to net-zero facilities and understanding net-zero may be a massive benefit to you.

What is net-zero carbon building?

Net-zero carbon is the principle that a building’s construction offsets the carbon it produces somehow. The most straightforward example would be a building that uses solar energy to offset the carbon emissions of the machinery used in its construction.

However, using green energy isn’t the only way to offset a carbon emission, and construction isn’t the only way to create carbon emissions. Considering how to mitigate or minimize the emissions of your project can start at any time.

What are ways to mitigate carbon emissions?

To get to carbon zero building, companies and builders have many options. Aside from using renewable energy, a builder may pursue:

  • Innovative heating and cooling solutions
  • Designs centered around the use of natural lighting
  • Recycled building materials
  • Water conservation

These concepts, working in concert, will allow a building to meet future carbon-neutral requirements. And they can have other benefits as well.

Carbon-neutral’s secondary benefits

In the long term, carbon-neutral buildings will be less expensive to maintain and power and more attractive to consumers. That is a double benefit and one that builders across California must keep in mind as they pursue new projects.