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Mobilehome Parks Variety of Ownership Structures for Residents

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Mobile Home Parks/Manufactured Homes |

Mobilehome Parks offer a full range of alternative living lifestyles – from very low income housing to upper end housing such as in Malibu; from 1950s RVs to modern homes with all the amenities; from age restricted to family occupancy.

One of the ongoing issues in rental mobilehome parks is the split ownership. One person or entity owns the mobilehome park and rents a space to a person who owns the mobilehome.  The mobilehome owner wants as low as rent as possible to manage their housing costs and mobilehome park owners want sufficient income to pay all the costs of operating and owning the Park plus a return on their financial and time investment in their asset – the mobilehome park.  The inherent financial conflict between the two ownership interests combined with other management factors has resulted in the residents purchasing the Parks when the opportunity arises.

There are numerous ownership structures from which residents may select.  For a review of these structures, I spoke on a live face book presentation about this issue.  To view the presentation, go to:

After reviewing the presentation if you have any questions, contact either Sue Loftin or Ariel Bedell of The Loftin Firm, P.C.  regarding the various ownership options for resident groups who want to purchase their mobilehome park or Park Owners who are interested in selling to their resident group.