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California Coastal Commission Decision – Exec. Director Lester is Out.

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | California Coastal Commission |

For the first time, the California Coastal Commission has terminated the services of its Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester. (For a full report of the decision, see this recent LA Times article).

As we’ve prevously stated, the dismissal controversary has been characterized as a fight between the environmentalists and the big developers.  The real issues and problems related to existing individual homeowners and other property owners who were subjected to unreasonable time delays, conditions of approval (if approved at all for repair, maintenance and replacement), and costs.

The dismissal was approved after approximately seven (7) hours of testimony, mostly opposed to the dismissal.  The Coastal Commission had the best interest of all interested parties and did not bend to the environmental groups pressure. The vote to dismiss was seven (7) commissioners for dismissal and five (5) commissioners for retaining Dr. Lester.

Senior Deputy Director Jack Ainsworth will lead the agency until the Commission can appoint an interim director followed by the appointment of a permanent director.

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