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Reviewing and Updating Your Estate Plan

On Behalf of | May 19, 2014 | Estate Planning |

An Estate Plan can be like your car. You purchased a car that will be reliable and long lasting; however it requires periodic check ups and maintenance. Your North County attorney cannot prepare your Estate Plan to be suitable indefinitely. Changes in life circumstances, and changes in the law, may necessitate updates to your Will or your Trust.

At the time of formulating your Estate Plan, it was likely formed based on the assets you owned, your chosen beneficiaries, and your chosen financial and health care agents. Have you acquired new assets; perhaps purchased a home? Have you lost a loved one, had children, or gotten married? Do you still have a trusted relationship with the individual you named in the financial capacity of Trustee or Executor? Do you still have a trusted relationship with the individual you named to make health care decisions for you as your Health Care Agent?

Whether or not your Estate Plan,  Will or Trust was prepared by our firm, The Loftin Firm, PC is able to provide a review and recommendations as to whether or not your existing Will, Trust, Advance Health Care Directive, and Power of Attorneys are written to your current wishes. We encourage you to review your own Estate Plan, and contact us if you have questions in doing so.