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San Diego Startup Week Begins Today

Entreprenuers and startup businesses in San Diego County should be excited because San Diego Startup Week begins today and runs through Friday, June 17! The week of events "brings together entrepreneurs to share progress, exchange resources, and celebrate the thriving innovation community." With over one hundred and twenty-five events spread across this incredible week, there should be enough programming to interest every entrepreneur and startup business.

What is an "s-corporation"? How do I make an "s-election"?

Many small businesses regularly use the term "S-Corporation", but we've found that only a handful of people actually understand what this means. In general, when a corporation is formed, it will be treated as a "C-Corporation," which means that the entity will be treated as a separate taxpaying entity from its shareholders. Therefore, the profit of the corporation is taxed as the corporate level and taxed again when it is distributed to the shareholders via dividend. This results in "double taxation." For this reason, many small business owners are interested in forming an s-corporation.

Beware: Online Legal Companies May Not Actually Save You Money

As we've noted before, online legal preparation services have not solved near as many problems for individuals and small businesses as their expensive television advertisements may lead you to believe. In fact, quite the opposite is true but many don't recognize the shortcomings and instead focus on the apparent cost savings. As one New York business divorce lawyer recently highlighted, documents from the various online legal services companies can often lack some crucial information that may actually cost you much more down the road:

Reminder: Legal Fees May Be Deductible for Tax Purposes

In honor of tax season, we wanted to remind our business clients that some legal fees may be deductible for tax purposes. Regardless of your entity type (e.g., corporation, limited liability company or partnership), we encourage all of our business clients to visit a local Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to discuss their unique tax situation and determine if any legal fees are deductible under state and federal tax laws.

Part Two: What is the difference between a partnership, LLC, and corporation?

In Part 2 of this week's blog series discussing the differences between business entity structures, we will be examining one of the most popular forms of business entities - a limited liability company.

Part One: What is the difference between a partnership, LLC, and corporation?

Deciding on a specific structure of business entity is a fundamental choice for most entrepreneurs. Some of the most common business structures are:

Starting a Business? Consider These Five Tips!

When starting a business, there are many common mistakes made by entrepreneurs. By recognizing these mistakes early, or by preventing them altogether, the business will have a better chance of long-term success. Below are five tips that entrepreneurs should consider when starting their new business.

What is a "professional corporation" and what makes it unique?

A "professional corporation" is a corporate form that may render its professional services through licensed individuals in a particular profession. See Corp. Code ยง 13405(a). In California, professional corporations may only be formed to render services in the fields of law, medicine, dentistry, and accountancy. Thus, professional corporations are also subject to the regulation of the state agency that provides oversight over those professions. For example, a professional corporation formed for the special purpose of practicing dentistry would be subject to the regulation of the Dental Board of California. Similarly, a law corporation, as they are sometimes referred to, would be subject to the regulation of the State Bar of California.

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