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Mobilehome Parks Archives


Assemblymember Waldron introduced California AB 1943 to assist mobile and manufactured home owners located in subdivided mobilehome parks. This bill clarifies Health and Safety Code section 18551 to include all subdivided mobilehome parks, including condominium type ownership (single family manufactured housing condominium communities). This bill clarifies that mobile and manufactured home owners located in a subdivided mobilehome park may install permanent foundation systems resulting in attachment to the land with recordation of the appropriate documentation (433A).

Mobilehome Parks - "Title 25"

Mobilehome Parks are governed by "Title 25" of the California Code of Regulations which implements the Mobilehome Park Act, California Health and Safety Code sections 18200 et seq.  Generally, the statute, and implementing reguations are the building codes for mobilehome parks, including without limitation, the placement of the mobilehomes, the construction of accessory structures, the infrastructure of the Park.

Mobilehome Parks Variety of Ownership Structures for Residents

Mobilehome Parks offer a full range of alternative living lifestyles - from very low income housing to upper end housing such as in Malibu; from 1950s RVs to modern homes with all the amenities; from age restricted to family occupancy.  

California HCD Publishes Summary of MRL

The California Department of Housing and Community Development ("HCD") through the Office of the  Mobilehome Ombudsman announced the establishment of the Mobilehome Assistance Center.  To contact the Mobilehome Assistance Center, the email address is [email protected]

Carson Mobilehome Rent Control Case: A Loss for the City

A federal jury found that the City of Carson, through its Mobilehome Park Rent Control Ordinance, violated the Park Owner's (Jim Goldstein) Fifth Amendment rights by denying a fair return on his property, Colony Cove Mobilehome Park.  

Termination of Tenancies in Mobilehome Parks

Unlike typical eviction actions for tenants renting a home or apartment, evictions in mobilehome parks are complex and have a variety of pitfalls to watch out for. In addition, evictions of tenants in mobilehome parks are governed by the Mobilehome Residency Law, a completely separate and distinct set of laws from standard landlord-tenant laws.

Quiet Enjoyment for Mobilehome Park Residents

Quiet enjoyment for mobilehome park residents is often challenging for the park owners to provide. Quiet enjoyment means providing an environment which is peaceful and quiet. In other words, one household does not have to endure certain types of behavior from other households. All multi-family housing owes the duty of quiet enjoyment to their residents, but for mobilehome park wwners and managers, the obligation has been challenging to provide due to the laws related only to mobilehome parks.

Notice of Funding Issued by MPRROP

The California Department of Housing and Community Development, Mobilehome Park Rehabilitation and Resident Ownership Program (formerly known as the Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program or MPROP) issued a Notice of Funding availability (see MPRROP 2016 NOFA.pdf) on January 6, 2016 announcing the availability of $15.5M to qualified applicants in a maximum amount of $3.5M per project.

Proposed Mobilehome Park Subdivision Denial Upheld by Court of Appeal

A recent decision by the California Court of Appeal upheld the City of Carson's denial of the proposed subdivision of a mobilehome park on multiple bases, including that it was inconsistent with the open space element of the City's general plan. Carson Harbor Village, Ltd. v. City of Carson, No. B25011 (Second Dist. August 21, 2015).

Renting a Park- or Resident-Owned Mobilehome: New Defense in UDs

Renting a park- or resident-owned mobilehome in a mobilehome park now comes with a "new" defense. In two recent San Diego eviction cases, one case for a park owner and one case for a mobilehome owner, the tenant who was renting the mobilehome asserted a "new" defense.

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