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The guiding principles of green building practices

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Commercial Real Estate |

The necessity of sustainable building practices is a legislative effort in California, and it’s also a necessity. Between wildfires, rising sea levels and unstable weather conditions, these green, sustainable buildings are the future.

There is no mandated single “Green” construction method at the federal level, but in California, we follow the CalGreen standards. However, all green building standards have several factors in common, and understanding the standards, can guide your approach to selecting and pursuing projects.

Every “Green code” looks to certain efforts

To the extent that building codes are internationally standardized, each state and country will have important distinctions. Even over time within California, the codes update and change. However, each of the international standards has several primary subject areas in common:

  • Building site sustainability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water use
  • Material and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality

These are the most critical factors in designing and constructing a green building. More and more, in California, those codes are not simply “green” but the standard.

A comprehensive understanding of project design

As construction and commercial projects are matters of business, the necessary facts are always going to come down to money. Is the investment in green practices going to achieve the results you wish? That’s always the question.

Over the next several weeks, we will review each of the guiding subjects of green design. We want to explain how green construction can work for you from a business and legal perspective. We hope to look at the many ways that you can invest wisely and make the right choices for your company.