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What does a green designation mean?

by | May 7, 2021 | Uncategorized |

A green designation from the national association of realtors is available to those who complete an intensive course on green initiatives such as sustainability and energy efficiency. Attorneys with this designation have a unique perspective on the most trying issues facing today’s real estate markets.

How does sustainability make an impact on commercial or residential real estate law?

Sustainability, as a concept, is about more than whether you can build something. It is about understanding how homes and other buildings can fit into the natural ecology with better harmony. Current building practices more frequently turn to sustainability concepts such as:

  • Material sourcing: Most are familiar with the concept of “buying local” to save transportation costs and support local producers. This is the same concept taken out of the farmer’s market and into construction.
  • Energy conservation: A carbon credit saved is a carbon credit earned. By prioritizing a design that leverages natural lighting, the surrounding climate and other such factors, you save more energy.
  • Site management: Proper site management can minimize waste, prioritize a delicate interaction with the local environment and create a project that from beginning to end that emphasizes green initiatives.

However, fitting those goals into the legal landscape may be difficult considering local regulation and contracts.

Transformational projects

Another factor to keep in mind is retrofitting an existing building into a green future. These can be highly rewarding and can turn older, unused buildings into something new and highly marketable. Here, too, ensuring your representation understands these issues is of the utmost importance.