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Mobilehome Parks – “Title 25”

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Mobile Home Parks/Manufactured Homes |

Mobilehome Parks are governed by “Title 25” of the California Code of Regulations which implements the Mobilehome Park Act, California Health and Safety Code sections 18200 et seq.  Generally, the statute, and implementing reguations are the building codes for mobilehome parks, including without limitation, the placement of the mobilehomes, the construction of accessory structures, the infrastructure of the Park.

Who must abide by these statutes and regulations?  Residents/Owners of Mobilehomes and Park Owners.

What agency is responsible for enforcing these building codes?  The California Department of Housing and Community Development, Division of Codes Enforcement (“HCD”).  However, local jurisdictions may assume the responsibility of enforcing the state building codes applicable to mobilehome parks and are known as the Local Enforcement Agency (“LEA”).  There are some significant issues with some LEAs.  The basis for all the LEA issues is that they do not know or understand the Mobilehome Park Act, Title 25 or what their duties and responsibilities entail.

As a firm we were fortunate to host Cesar Ponce from HCD in San Diego and Orange County on Title 25 to address these issue.  His presentation was clear and helpful and is attached at this point.

The special building codes applicable to mobilehome parks are a constant challenge for everyone involved.  Please contact us at The Loftin Firm, P.C. if you have questions or issues.