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California HCD Publishes Summary of MRL

| Jan 26, 2017 | Mobilehome Parks

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”) through the Office of the  Mobilehome Ombudsman announced the establishment of the Mobilehome Assistance Center.  To contact the Mobilehome Assistance Center, the email address is [email protected]

The purpose of the Mobilehome Assistance Center is to assist with issues arising within a mobilehome park community.  The Mobilehome Residency Law Summary was prepared to provide a clear explanation of the primary areas covered by the Mobilehome Residency Law, which governs the relationship between the mobilehome owner and the mobilehome park owner.  The Summary is attached to this Blog or you can view it on our website at  The Summary:

2190ffcb-bbca-45cd-b1f6-ff5470f0d500. MRL Summary by HCD.pdf

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