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Old California Restaurant Row in San Marcos to be Revitalized

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

As many San Diego County residents already know, the Old California Restaurant Row in San Marcos has been a mainstay for many years. Since it was built in the 1970s, the location has always been a go-to location for residents in and around San Marcos, Carlsbad, Vista, and Escondido. The now-owner (son of the original owners, Jim and Vera Eubank) recognizes that the once impressive commercial property needs a major overhaul to meet the expectations of current consumers. John Clemente, the developer hired by owner Bob Eubank, says they are planning to restore Old California Row “back to its iconic status.”

As part of this major modernization effort, the owner is planning to demolish a row of vacant storefronts, construct a grand promenade and public gathering areas along San Marcos Boulevard, reconfigure the existing parking lots, and build a large walkway that will connect Restaurant Row to the Edwards San Marcos movie theater next door. Although Restaurant Row has seen 40 years of success, the property owner says the modernization effort “is establishing the next 40 years.”

The recent news of this revitalization is exciting for residents of Northern San Diego County and surrounding areas. Like most commercial real estate revitalizations, we look forward to seeing the finished product and visiting our favorite existing establishments (as nearly all the current buildings will be staying) and the new businesses that will soon move into the revamped retail center, as well as seeing the positive widespread economic effect for the small business owners, the City of San Marcos, and all of Northern San Diego County.

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