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Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements in North County are Complex Contracts

If you are purchasing or selling raw land, commercial property, or investment property in North County the “Purchase and Sale Agreement” is much more than a document that says who is buying what from whom, and for how much.  This is a strategic document designed to foster the successful completion of a transaction between the buyer and the seller.  It establishes critical understandings between the parties such as warranties and representations, valuation, and the responsibilities of each party while providing protections to both parties.  An effective purchase and sale agreement, option agreement, or other transactional document should limit the liability of the seller while protecting the buyer from hidden defects or unexpected developments.  If you are purchasing real estate, or are selling a commercial or investment property contact the experienced professionals at The Loftin Firm, P.C. and we will work to help structure an agreement that will smoothly move the parties through the transaction to a successful outcome.




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